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Our single Cabinet trashcan furniture piece is made from Ponderosa Pine, hiding most trash smell                and crafted is something that is hard to find these days in a world full of on demand and state of the art manufacturing. At Plum Creek Crafts, we take time and in creating our furniture from scratch. From importing into the distinctive Ponderosa Pine to staining with the highest quality stain, we take pride with what we do.

We want your living room, kitchen, or bedroom to look warm and friendly with our natural and north woods style furniture. With every piece of hand -crafted furniture, there is a bit of natural harmony that can only be found in a comfortable rural setting. Made in rural Minnesota.

If you are looking for a way to compliment your country home, or find a solution to hide your trash can, we can help you. We may be located way up north in prairie lands of rural Minnesota, yet we can ship you most anything you may want to purchase from us.

New Furniture

Ponderosa Pine Buffet, hand crafted
Custom hand crafted buffets

Custom Cabinets for your country home
Customer Cabinetry

Kitchen table all made with pine wood
Handcrafted Tables and Chairs

Lamp sand with internal drawer, made from ponderosa pine.
Custom Bed-Side Tables

Pine Bed frame
Pine wood beds

Handcrafted Chairs
Custom Handcrafted Chairs

Built in cabinets and storage
Custom Built In Cabinetry


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